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July 20th(Tue) 7:42am 2021

I have updated my contact details under People/RisingThumb. This includes my OMEMO keys. It's on the list to set up PGP keys for email.

July 16th(Fri) 5:00am 2021

XMPP Server is setup. Feel free to email in if you want an account registered with us. In line with data protection, all messages older than 14 days are deleted. End-to-End-Encryption is available as well. See the Services page for more information. Also I uploaded a blog on GitHub CoPilot license laundering possibilities, worth a read.

July 2nd(Fri) 9:29am 2021

Gemini page now has all blog posts. The capability to make blog posts exclusive to Gemini exists, and I will likely use that as Gemini is a better medium for some types of posts.

July 2nd(Fri) 8:13am 2021

Aaronleonard.xyz now links to the risingthumb.xyz website.

June 28th(Mon) 6:46am 2021

The quotes page has been updated with a few new ones.

The Gemini page will likely go down, and see a complete overhault. My plan for it, is to make it host all my Blog posts, but also to provide some Gemini-exclusive blog posts. This is to help support the Gemini Protocol as it is excellent for textual information, and the vast majority of blogs are textual information.

† John McAffee.

June 17th(Thu) 3:42am 2021

I have added an essays section. This will feature selected essays I consider worthwhile. It may also feature my own essays if I choose to write some.

Email in if you have any suggestions.

June 15th(Tue) 6:35pm 2021

I have gone through and restructured some bits of my site, and removed sections that provide no value.

- The GameDevelopment section now provides a list of games and their links to be played

- The GameDevelopment section now has an experimental section to show the more experimental work I've done

- Modding section removed. May add back if I have writing specific for that, or may be a subsection of GameDevelopment

- Programming section removed for now

- Gemini generation removed. I will be considering my use of Gemini a bit more

The experimental section is still incomplete, and in my digging through old work, I have found stuff that is in a relatively completed state. I may release these or share more information on them sometime soon.

June 14th(Mon) 3:41pm 2021

I participated in the GMTK 2021 Game Jam alongside some friends. You can find the game here under the title "Game will TEAR communities ASUNDER".

=> Play the game here
=> View the source code here

It is likely I will rework it so there is better feedback for player actions, and a simplified UI.

In another unrelated note, my gemini capsule is in a pretty mediocre state. I may rewrite my generator script for it.

May 29th(Sat) 11:56pm 2021

For the most part, the migration seems to have been a success. The only legacy content removed was an old HTML game called "Wired Silence". It's unlikely I'll put too much effort into putting it back up and playable on the internet, but I will likely make a page in Game Development section discussing all the games I have made, and providing files.

May 29th(Sat) 4:56pm 2021

Website and Gemini capsule migration to using werc for both with some utility scripts to make it work. Some legacy things haven't been left behind, but the majority of things have been migrated. I'll be monitoring to see if there any issues from this change.