Aaron Leonard

Hi I'm Aaron Leonard. This is my Tech Portfolio! If you're looking to hire me, have a look around(best viewed in a desktop)!

500ml of Violence

A short FPS survival game where you survive against an endless onslaught of demons after acquiring a spellbook. Heavily inspired by games such as Quake, DUSK and Devil Daggers. Made in Godot 3.2 as a way to learn about making games in 3D. Play it here!

Death Screen Shooting


Procedurally generated topdown shooter roguelike, with multiplayer deathmatch and plenty of gibbing. Built with strong inspiration from games such as DOOM's sector-based level editing, and Teleglitch's crushing aesthetics. Play it in your browser or download and play binaries. Made to practice writing netcode, procedural generation algorithms, state-based AI and Godot's Scene structure.

Zombie! Zombies!


Sokoban with a very nice ASCII style, made in a few days as a demonstration game for my library to load Rexpaint .xp files into Godot in a usecase agnostic manner. Play it here. Made to practice writing libraries for use in other games and by other game developers.

Fun Curiosities

I don't always program games. Sometimes I program tools, or just try new graphic methods. Below is voxelised Signed Distance Functions, Fractal Raymarching and Minecraft Navigation. The Fun Stuff that looks cool and is cool!

So who am I?

I'm Aaron Leonard, a programmer, hobbyist, game developer and libre software supporter. Education? Newcastle University. You'll find more information about me and my personality on my personal site where I talk a lot more about world events, games and the projects I work on.


Don't leave! There's a Dimensional Shambler around that corner!