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Aaron Leonard The internet is SERIOUS Business!

Aaron Leonard

Who, Where, What, Why, How

Hi! I'm Aaron Leonard! I'm a Software Developer who currently lives in Gateshead, near Newcastle Upon Tyne up north in the United Kingdom! I am profoundly deaf and unable to hear from my right ear, but with the help of a cochlear implant, able to hear from my left ear!

Up at the top of the page you will find links to various projects, repositories and my main internet site that normally receives updates!

On the sidebar, you'll find details of various projects I've worked on. You can find a much more complete list of these projects on my main site

=> my main site that I often use for posts, updates, various projects and tidbits that interest me across all subjects. The name of the site comes from my username "RisingThumb".

Contact Information

I can also be contacted by email and by LinkedIn. Feel free to connect if you want, I don't use LinkedIn loads mind.




=> Aaronleonard166


=> See my CV here