Niemand Book Club

So that I may record quotes, book reports, vocabulary and further research coming from books- and so that I may use it as a personal reference of what books have taught me. The Library below refers to theses, books and novels I possess. If there is a folder under the book club, it will have further notes(and will indicate I have read it and probably recommend it).

Library of physical books

Digital(for brevity, only those I have read)


Articles from blogs I follow around the net


MAUDE MOLD #25 by Stanley Lieber VEILED ENTRY tags: 1966, mancamp, mars2, odin, spiro_mold 31 March. Mom never changed, and this place hadn’t either. Spiro stood mock vigil in the kitchen next to Odin, finally allowing himself to see the place as it was, as it…

via I'm not really Stanley Lieber. March 28, 2023

When to comment that code

My software tends to have a surprisingly low number of comments. One of my projects, scdoc, has 25 comments among its 1,133 lines of C code, or 2%, compared to the average of 19%.1 Naturally, I insist that my code is well-written in spite of this divergence …

via Drew DeVault's blog March 9, 2023

All you may need is HTML

via fabiensanglard.net March 2, 2023

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