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Aaron Leonard, a Software Developer who lives in Gateshead near Newcastle Upon Tyne in the United Kingdom.

Publicly known Aliases: RisingThumb, Mr_Pi, Odst, RhinestoneEye, RhinestoneCowboy

Contact Information


On XMPP I am risingthumb@risingthumb.xyz

OMEMO Encryption keys for use with XMPP.

Verify I'm using these if you receive messages encrypted with OMEMO from me.

   4c3ea83e d76d259b 632d9658 de1ba2bd
   88679786 6fb2f4e7 a9115967 b9867a6a
   7d507f0e 8503d97b 71d8b702 516f0a30
   1cc9e1b1 9dd440a2 9a809b71 5564ef72
   0b89c7cb 4dc72b8c be0440fc 227a42c7
   4a51f6c9 e0b544b0 d2d1a304 32cd051d


=> aaronleonard@risingthumb.xyz Personal Email
=> risingthumb@risingthumb.xyz Alternative Email

I do not currently have PGP set up but it is on my list of things to set up. More details will be listed here when it is relevant.


I have Tox set up. I do not use it, but if for some you want to message me and you can only use Tox.

Tox ID : 07BE8BA7AC5F7E4395F746980C026E3E3359BA8D71656F616817AD1B6873D1462A196DF14357

Social Media

I keep my social media presence as small as possible. Below are the listed social media I currently have accounts on. Unless a strong case can be made in favour of some social media platform for my personal use, I will not be making more Social Media accounts.

=> My YouTube Channel. ID is UClzSWMeFKsxUaRyRyTtj56w if you prefer to use RSS or an invidious instance.


- Discord. Discord doesn't offer E2EE, and bans simply for using 3rd party clients. I avoid this, but it's a necessity due to network effects. I do not want to be contacted on it.

- Guilded. I have a guilded account and rarely used it. Suffers the same issues as Discord, but less resource intensive, so normally used for voice chat.

- IRC. I rarely use this unless I need to get in touch with somebody. You won't be able to contact me with it.

- Matrix. Too hard to configure and set up, leaks too much meta data and has links to Israeli Spying. Also Electron based. I do not use this.

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