Aaron Leonard, a Software Developer who lives in Gateshead near Newcastle Upon Tyne in the United Kingdom.

Contact Information


aaronleonard@thisDomainName Personal Email

risingthumb@thisDomainName Alternative Email

I do not currently have PGP set up but it is on my list of things to set up. More details will be listed here when it is relevant. Also please make sure you use the email to this domain name (risingthumb.xyz)

Social Media

I keep my social media presence as small as possible. Below are the listed social media I currently have accounts on:

=> My YouTube Channel. ID is UClzSWMeFKsxUaRyRyTtj56w if you prefer to use RSS or an invidious instance.

Articles from blogs I follow around the net


ANTIGONE + MAUDE #18 by Stanley Lieber FOUR MILES SL found a payphone and made his call. Then it was time to walk. He’d obtained a map from Esmé, and planned his route according to a circuit designed for mall walkers. There were even arrows painted on the fl…

via I'm not really Stanley Lieber. August 17, 2022

PINE64 has let its community down

Context for this post: Pine64 should re-evaluate their community priorities The Pine Formula Why I left PINE64 A response to Martijn’s blog I know that apologising and taking responsibility for your mistakes is difficult. It seems especially difficult for comme…

via Drew DeVault's blog August 18, 2022

'Based' Paganism vs. Christianity

I’ve been meaning to write about Paganism recently. I will frame it as a response to an email I received within the past day or so: Hey Luke, First off, I would like to thank you for all your efforts in making everything you know accessible to everyone. You …

via Luke Smith's Webpage July 29, 2022

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